03 January, 2017

A Christmas Letter to My Friends

Some folks leave their Christmas decorations up through January. Or beyond....since that's totally acceptable in my world, I decided to send my Christmas greetings in January as well!! :) 

Life in the Black Hills of South Dakota is good for Miss Ellie and I. I encourage anyone who is considering making a move in an unfamiliar direction to do so, no matter how big or small. The challenges and rewards are both abundant and valuable.

The weather is never dull. Summer storms brought welcome rain and an occasional dicey bicycle ride when storms popped up quicker than expected. Still managed to log almost 800 biking miles; short of our goal but more than last summer. :)

Winter is bringing more snow this year along with bitter cold. I shovel a lot of snow and wear lots of layers. Snowshoeing is on my list of things to try this season. Miss Ellie wears her jacket and boots to stay warm. We have yet to wish for AZ weather, knowing whatever our season it will be changing quickly and a new one will bring new adventures. 

Our church sermon on New Year's Day touched on resolutions and the writings of a hospice worker. She interviewed the folks she cared for as they were preparing for their death. The top 5 things they wished were: 

I wish I had the courage to live life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
I wish I hadn't worked so much.
I wish I had the courage to express my feelings.
I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
I wish I let myself be happier.

What if these were New Year's resolutions or daily goals instead of our last thoughts?

Enjoy an amazing year, and stay in touch! I If you find yourself in the Black Hills, please look me up. Ellie and I would love to see you.

God Bless,
JK & Miss Ellie

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