02 October, 2016

Beautiful Day....

In the 70s today; time for another hike up Crazy Horse here in the beautiful Black Hills. With snow in the forecast this week, we're enjoying the weather while we can. 

Crazy, fun and tiring times last few weeks....helping with an interior design project in Wyoming, moving for the 5th time in 4 years (finally found my tiny little house in the beautiful Black Hills), helping with a remodel. No time for bike riding; nice to finally get out and get some exercise!! :) Love my hat!!!

Riding with Private Malone....

Another fine song by David Ball; a great story song. Thinking my favorite musician guy will enjoy it!!

USA Today referred to it as "the country song that tapped most subtly and profoundly into the emotions of its audience" after the September 11 attacks, even though it was released to radio a few weeks before the attacks.

06 September, 2016

A little more summertime....

My little town is showing signs of Autumn. Trees are golden; the grasses are brown with splashes of yellow and red. Tourists are headed back to their lives and some local businesses are getting ready to close for the winter.

I love the changes each season brings to the Black Hills landscape, and Miss Ellie loves to wear her boots and jacket.  Perhaps I enjoy the differences because I moved here from the Arizona desert, where seasons don't really mean much. It isn't as hot for a few months a year, and spring flowers briefly color the cactus.

September does find me wishing a couple weeks in August could last a bit longer. :) It is a gray September day today; I heard this song and smiled. Lots of laughter, new memories and the magic sleeping couch. Perhaps  a new song for my favorite guy? I'll check with the penguins....

I brace myself against the cold
And let his memory take hold......

30 August, 2016

Rush hour in the Black Hills

Here they come!!

8:00 AM rush hour here in my little world. My breakfast appointment was delayed, but it was worth it. Amazing creatures, these buffalo. 

They were really close!

19 August, 2016

Please come to the Black Hills...

Now, this drifter's world goes 'round and 'round
And I doubt it's ever gonna stop
But of all the dreams I've lost or found and all that I ain't got
I still need to lean to
Somebody I can sing to....

There ain’t no gold and there ain’t nobody like me...
I’m the number one fan of the man from Illinois. :)